Tower Hamlets, film

Lives being lived:  Tower Hamlets, London.  My first film from London.

Since leaving Harlem USA and settling into an ex-council flat in London’s East End, Eric Schachter is starting all over again. With no crew and a stranger to the indie film-making community here he is hustling to get Harlem USA selected for the East End Film Festival in June. He has also been invited to hold a six-week workshop at The Whitechapel Library in conjunction with Space Studio in Hackney and is planning to make a short film about an amazing singer-songwriter, Rob Miles, whom he caught performing at The George Tavern on the corner. Meanwhile he awaits word from two theatre troops, Not Too Tame and The Charles Court Opera to document the realisation of a stage production from conception to curtain call. The days of abundant funding have come to an end with dwindling coffers and preposterous London property prices but Eric believes that energy, inspiration and the singular capability and conscientiousness of the Brits will more than compensate for his slender means. Big Ideas don’t depend on a Big Budget.

He will be highly grateful if anyone were to find the time and send a word of support for the selection of our film to The East End Film Festival: