Seth Shugar’s letter of support

This is a copy of a recommendation from Seth Shugar, Professor of English Literature, at Marianopolis College in Montreal, originally posted on April 28, 2014, supporting Eric’s submission of his film, Harlem USA, to the East End Film Festival: To Whom It May Concern, Please screen Eric Schachter’s important, beautiful and poignant documentary Harlem USA … Read more

A note from Noreen Mallory

Harlem USA has its finger directly on the pulse of the people of Harlem. Much has been said and written about this historic but quickly changing community. And rarely do we hear the voices of community members with such raw emotion. If you want to get a real sense of what Harlemites think and feel … Read more

A note from Ro Melly

Dear Team of Harlem-USA, What a treasure, what a jewel! I enjoyed every second of your wonderful, interesting, sad, beautiful, colorful, intelligent, wise movie. I’d be very happy to meet you and talk about it a little. Again: thank you so much for having done this important film – and for letting me watch it. I … Read more

A note from Colin Roch to Eric Schachter

What impressed me most about this documentary is the appreciation of and contact/connection with the people of Harlem that can be felt. It’s a window into a community with a cohesion that is less common in white society. On the surface it is a film about gentrification, but it hints at/provokes reflection in my mind … Read more

A note from Neil Verma to Eric Schachter

I just wanted to say how amazingly impressed I am. It’s sensitive and important, even elegiac. It made me think a little of Agee and Evans’ Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The photography and sound are both great. You captured something mournful about gentrification that’s quite hard to access and express. I wish you … Read more

Review from Indiewire

From Shadow and Act–on Cinemas of the African Diaspora. The  New York Premiere of the Evocative New Documentary ‘Harlem USA’ May 12th Check the site:  Indiewire