Reflections on Harlem USA by S.K. Johannesen

Eric and I have corresponded about this project since its inception, a project which began in his fascination with the chess players of Saint Nicks, journeyed into moody footage of the Hudson River and kids playing in the streets, and settled on the story of gentrification—an intricate political and social process with many winners, many losers, few obvious heroes or villains, but whose inevitable outcome is an end to Black Harlem as it was. Nothing less than the end of a world.

A note from Noreen Mallory

Harlem USA has its finger directly on the pulse of the people of Harlem. Much has been said and written about this historic but quickly changing community. And rarely do we hear the voices of community members with such raw emotion. If you want to get a real sense of what Harlemites think and feel … Read more

A note from Ro Melly

Dear Team of Harlem-USA, What a treasure, what a jewel! I enjoyed every second of your wonderful, interesting, sad, beautiful, colorful, intelligent, wise movie. I’d be very happy to meet you and talk about it a little. Again: thank you so much for having done this important film – and for letting me watch it. I … Read more

A note from Boris Berlin

Harlem has been undergoing a continuous population shift as part of an ongoing cycle. Once culturally significant, the neighborhood has been struggling in recent decades. In Harlem USA, residents voice deep concern that business does not have consideration for them and wants to drive them out. The march of gentrification is vilified persistently, but there … Read more